About Us


The idea for my boutique arose two years ago when I was on my most recent trip to Poland – the country where I was born and raised.  I had always recognized the many beautiful and different things you can find and buy in Europe.  But I had forgotten how difficult it could be to find similar things here.  So, I decided to open a little European-style boutique!

Our products include women's shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves and more.  Our customers are women who are searching for a unique look, who want to express their individuality, and who do not need to follow the masses to feel good about their own style. 

Anja's Boutique partners with artist and designers from Poland and from Italy to create unique limited-run collections.  We take a pride in our partnerships and the products we offer.


Our Brands

  • Alpina

    Leather bracelets.

  • Marta Feliks

  • Artgoreja

    Stunning,unique pieces of art made of fabric using the powrtex method.

  • Baldowski

    Italian style,unique,high quality leather shoes

  • Bagsbym

    Beautiful,unique handmade cotton,wicker,knotted bags.

  • Byrska

    Unique jewelry handmade of silver and 24 ct gold.

  • Creo

    Ponchos made of knitted fabric dry felted worsted wool

  • Dankovski

    Beautiful,unique handbags made of wood and leather.

  • Felt Label

    Handbags,clutches hand made of felt.

  • Marjon art

    One of a kind jewelry as a piece of art.

  • Paso A Paso

    Simple ,elegant and beautiful shoes made of high quality leather.

  • Eco Leinen